Hermit and Pig is a turn-based, adventure RPG about a reclusive hermit and his truffle-hunting pig. These unlikely heroes must explore, forage, fight, and overcome unfortunate personal shortcomings to solve the mystery of a sinister corporate plot.

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  • Tense, time-sensitive combat, prioritizing player skill growth over grinding for character experience points
  • Forage 100+ mushrooms for health, strength, bartering, and more
  • Seek answers through anxiety-laden conversations with an eccentric cast of NPCs
  • Explore and follow a path of clues that leads deeper into the mystery of local disturbances


Hermit and Pig’s woodland solitude is disrupted when a girl from a nearby town approaches them asking for help. The local factory has mysteriously fired all of its workers and brought in new, shady personnel to man the machines. Hermit and Pig head out in hopes of finding an enormous, mythical mushroom to help the town stave off hunger, but they might not be the only ones looking for it…

Release Date - Coming 2025

Price - TBA

Platforms - Windows, Mac, Switch



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Studio Bio

Mason Dickerson is an illustrator and cartoonist. His most recent work is the Housecat Trouble series published by Random House Graphic.

Nathan Kennedy is a senior web developer at Niftic Agency, where he builds custom software for diverse, purpose-driven businesses.

Mason and Nathan, childhood friends, still write, play music, and scheme together 20 years later. Hermit and Pig is their first game.